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A man is observed by a group of people as he reads from the Torah

Elevating Jewish Life in North Orange County

TBT is the house of Judaism in North Orange County. We are a diverse and welcoming community. We believe in the value of Jewish experiences as well as the search for committed spiritual practice to be sources for personal and community transformation.

We believe in the value of Judaism to help us live lives with more Joy, Compassion, Empathy and Meaning.



We believe that prayer, meditation, music, and joy are bridges that help us deeply connect with ourselves, with each other, and with G-d.


We are seekers, we are passionate students and expert arguers! Torah is often compared with a spring of life and so, in the study of Torah, we find strength, growth, and renewal.


In a world overwhelmed by communication but filled with isolation we seek deep connections. We create a "we see you space." We are partners, we are here for and with each other.

Tikkun Olam

We acknowledge our moral obligation to awareness.  We recognize brokenness and pain in our world and so we engage in actions that increase love, compassion, and justice.


  • Reform and yet traditional  
  • Welcoming and inclusive community
  • Joyful music
  • Organizational and intellectual boldness (a little chutzpah) that we are not afraid to explore
A father, wearing a tallit, and his son smile at the camera
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